Q: Is Deal Lake Tower Homeowners Association FHA approved?

A: Yes, our approval certification is posted on the website under “”FHA Approval”.


Q:      What is included in the monthly maintenance?

A:       Heat, electric & water


Q:      How do I know where I stand on Waiting Lists for Parking & Storage facilities?

A:  Current waiting lists are posted on the website and also in the double bulletin board in the Mail Room. New waiting lists are posted once a month.


Q:      Do I need to notify the Association for Furniture/Appliance deliveries?

A:  No, unless you require the lockout of an elevator. Elevator lockouts must be scheduled with the Association. Please refer to the Rules & Regulations for additional information.


Q:  Do I need to produce a COI for furniture/appliance deliveries?

A:  No. As long as your homeowner’s insurance declarations page is on file with the Association.


Q:  When are maintenance fees due?

A:  Maintenance fees are due on the 1st of the month. A late fee of $10 will be assessed on payments not received on or before the 10th of the month.


Q:  Can maintenance be paid by credit card?

A:  No. Maintenance can be paid by check or you can sign up for Direct Debit. Applications are available on the website.


Q: Where do I mail my maintenance check?

A: Deal Lake Tower HOA, PO Box 8267, Princeton, NJ 08543-8267


Q: How much are the maintenance fees?

A: 1A - $345.43

    1B - $540.83

    A Line - $548.57

    B & J Line - $529.88

    C & H Line - $740.58

    D & G Line - $554.52

    E Line - $754.73

    F Line – $357.20

    K Line - $524.70


Q: Will the association provide access to the building or my unit for guests, realtors, contractors, cleaning company etc.

A:  No. The association only uses unit keys for emergencies or work required by the association. Owners are reasonable for their guests, contractors, realtors, etc.


Q:  I got a new car, do I need to fill out a new Parking Agreement?

A:  Yes. All vehicles parking on the deck or in the garage MUST have a completed Parking Agreement on file.


Q:  Does DLT allow daily, weekend, weekly, monthly rentals?

A:  The By-Laws require a minimum one-year lease for all unit rentals unless there is written Board approval for a shorter term (not less than 8 months).


Q: What should I do if there is a lot of loud, continuous noise coming from another Unit?

A:  Call the Police and report a noise complaint.


Q:  How do I report a maintenance issue?

A:  You can send an email to dltpres@deallaketower.com OR call 732 774-4966 and leave a message with the answering service or fill out a maintenance request form.


Q:  Who do I call about a billing issue?

A:  You can call the Business Office at 732 774-4966 and leave a message OR email allison@deallaketower.com.


Q:  How do I get an additional or replacement key fob?

A:  You can call the Business Office at 732 774-4966 and leave a message OR email allison@deallaketower.com. Additional fobs cost $50.